Posted by: b1ueeyes | January 24, 2009

Albert Cuypmarket

I got picked up from school so I did not have to take the bus home. In the backseat, just under my feet, it was a big box. I tried to find out what it was but was denied. The box was in a plastic bag and as the bag all of a sudden moved a bit I were able to see that it was something called Nintendo.
When we arrived home me and my sister was allowed to open it. It was a new toy for us, which we used a lot, Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros and later on also Zelda. Good times and great games.

Fresh juice, fabric, olives, clothing, fruit, cheese, fish, flowers, showergel and much more is to be found at Albert Cuypmarket. Also today it was very crowded with visitors, but it is part of the charm. A perfect visit on a weekend. Also a visit to a small, great shop with bags and wallets at Haarlemmerstraat, snack at Foodism and walking.
This took a lot of my energy but this is perfect cure for a good night of sleep.


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