Posted by: b1ueeyes | January 25, 2009

Water, barley malt and hops equals beer.

The surroundings from the house I grew up in is mostly forest. A couple of houses in the middle of nowhere. Really. I have seen elks, mouses, bats, butterflies, bees, snakes, frogs, badgers, ants, ducks just to mention some of the wild and non wild animals from my childhood. We had apple, pear, cherry trees in the garden. Berries, flowers and plenty of space to play around. Hide, build small huts in the summer and playing in the snow in the wintertime. From what I remembered this was great!
I could climb, run, dig, build, bike, scream and hide. I felt safe, but still, at night, it gets really dark. Even though I lived there a long time, and I knew how it was daytime, this always changed at night. I do not know why, but I was always afraid of the dark, and still is.

It was not raining and the sun was shining for once and we decided to go out, just to do anything. Not so far away from home is nice experience. At this place we got history behind this product, see the brewery looked before, how to make it and of course some samples. And yes, it have its effect with a small breakfast and a lot of walking. The camera I got from my boyfriend for gift, was also with us. On the way home, the tram was full, as always and the noise made me very sleepy after the day.


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