Posted by: b1ueeyes | January 26, 2009

It is burning!

I woke up really early one night by a constant noise of branches breaking. As I thought it was one of the trees in the garden, possible an animal walking around, I had to go up to see. When I opened the door to the hallway it was light. Not by a lamp, but from outside. The complete building outside the window was on fire, from the ground to roof, inside and out. I woke up the rest of my family and we all ran out, no time to think about clothing or belongings, only thinking of to get out to the car so we could get away. The dogs were barking as they were trapped and were not able to get out without our help.
The smoke was enormous and darker than the sky and we could all feel the heat even though it was at least 50 meters away.
The home I grew up in used to be an old farm. One of the buildings was used for storage and office as part of the car shop. Now it was all gone.
In the middle of all this tumult, the fire department came together with other vehicles. Someone had seen the smoke and called for help. The fire department informed us that if they would have been a bit later, the house also would been on fire. This as we had connecting wires between the buildings.
For a long time after this I still could smell the burned wood, even more after the rain. Allover it was pieces from the big barn, cars, a piano, tires, melted glass, wood, metal, windows, locks and other obstacles I could and could not recognize.

My big plans to write something every day have failed. I am not doing enough to have something to share. Like today.


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