Posted by: b1ueeyes | January 27, 2009

Norway and music.

Me and my sister used to go on holidays in Norway in the summers, with our grandparents by car. That was the best thing of the year, besides Christmas. I used to write a list of things to pack, pack for weeks and of course not save any money. We got some pocket money from our parents so I was counting on that. We went allover, to see the fjords, mountains, snow (yes, they have snow in some places- meter high snow actually), eat Norwegian ice cream, stay at small camping places in mini houses and just enjoy all the nature.
To be there, have the fjords, this amazing landscape, have a nice calming effect on me and every year, after the vacation, I was already longing for the next opportunity, next year.

When going home after work, many other also are traveling, but today, I actually managed to get a seat. This private time that is rare. I am able to do what I want, how I want it. So, the mp3 was running the whole way home and I could dream away and relax!
I have also been able to speak to some friends and family by msn and that is a great feeling. I miss them and wish I could see them more often. The next time I am going to Sweden I hope to spend time with them all and also be by the sea.


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