Posted by: b1ueeyes | January 28, 2009

Getting the drivers license.

When the lowered the speed limit in the city center from 50 to 30 I was pleased. I had tried to take my drivers license before but stopped for several reasons. One of them was that I thought it was dangerous, cars in front, behind, on the side plus the one I was controlling.
I had just had some difficult time and needed to do something new. An old friend suggested that I should start to study. I went to the school, found, applied and waited. As I now was in a hurry to get this done, I asked and got even more work to be able to afford this.
I went to the driving school and also had several friends I could practice driving with, several times a week. There was more issues with confidence than actually driving.
I had a very limited time to arrange everything before the move to Norway, I did not have any idea how long I was staying and to do take the drivers license in Norway was not something I wanted.
Since I wanted to stress this I booked a time for the written test, just to see how much I already knew, and to find out how the test was. “Luckily” I passed then so I really had to complete the rest. A few months after it was time. Time to try what I had learned. The guy was not very talkative and that only made me more nervous. Normally (still) I talk a lot when I drive, a lot, mean.. For these 40, very slow minutes I actually managed to keep calm and my mouth shut. Some mistakes were made so I was sure that I had to rebook the test.
But.. That was not necessary as I passed this too. I did not have to drive very fast, and I have progressed since then.. But that is for another day of sharing.

Still cold out, recently it have been either raining and warmer or just crispy cold. The ideal day would then be to stay inside under a blanket and a pile of pillows, tea and nice cookies together with a funny movie. This just have to wait until a weekend. Soon..


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