Posted by: b1ueeyes | January 29, 2009


A couple of years a dear friend suggested to go to a concert. With Pink. She have nice music and great style, but still I was not so convinced. After some time I made up my mind to go anyway, to another city with several girls. Before the concert she was good, but during and after my impression is very different. She is awesome! Great artist, voice, charisma and she is hot! I was so impressed by her so I considered to drive cross the country to go the next concert. Instead I bought what I could reach with her.

There is a lot of apartments for sale, and curious as I am I looked one of them up. I have seen the advertisement in the window of this place and wanted to know more. When this was found it was a lot more expensive than I thought. Another thing is that the apartment is much nicer than I thought. Garden, wooden flooring and smart planned.
I also have a new favorite among the wide variety of sweet snacks that exist in this country: white chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce. Small piece of happiness in a container.
Something else I like is of course fries with peanut sauce or chocolate that is filled with chocolate mousse. These are unfortunately not the best things to eat, but most of the times I do not care or make up an excuse to myself why I can treat myself.
Other feelgood items/ occupation for me is Hello Kitty socks I got from one of my sisters, music to the mood, plays games, read books, driving fast…


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