Posted by: b1ueeyes | January 30, 2009

Swedish delicacy?

When I was really little I was sitting out in the garden, as my mother was working in the garden. I do not remember this myself, luckily, but I have been told this event of my life many times, and also a lot of my mothers and my friends. My excuse is that I was just a small kid.
So, my mother was arranging the flower bed and I was nicely (for once) sitting still watching. She was removing stones, branches, worms and other items.
Apparently this was not enough entertainment for me so I started to eat the worms. My mother think that I actually managed to slurp some of them before she realized what kept me still..

Unfortunately I live far away from my family and friends, and a lot of my contact with my loved ones are via internet. I use different channels to keep in touch and this suits me as it is easy to send a link, some words or photos.
One of them I keep now and then contact with via sms or random calls so I asked if this person also had an email account. And yes. But now when I have it I am not sure what to do with this. Should I or not?


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