Posted by: b1ueeyes | January 31, 2009

The day Nikita entered my life.

I grew up with many animals, dog, cats, ducks, turkeys and chickens. Not all at once, but off and on. As we lived out in the forrest, litterally, this is not so difficult to have all these animals, we had a lot of space.
Later on, when I moved for myself a close friend of mine told me that they got kittens. She asked if I wanted to see them and of course, who wouldnt?
The kittens were so cute, and that is the reason why they are so difficult to leave. The first kitten that came to me, a little skinny one, with backlegs taller than the one in the front, huge ears and big round eyes. She was so adorable that I had to get her. This was not what I planned but all of a sudden I had a little baby. I was not prepared at all, and had to buy everything the same day to my little angel.
She was too small to get in my bed so I had to build up a stair with pillows so she could come up in my bed if she was around playing at night. My life changed pretty much after her and I do not regret it at all. I really like the movies by Luc Besson and that is the reason why she got the name Nikita.
She is a cat but acts more like a dog. If I went somewhere, she was always following, if I entered a store, she was nicely sitting outside waiting until her patience ran out and then started to scream. She sometimes sat outside one of my works waiting for me and customers informed me where she was if they would have seen her. She ate of my food, but only when I was looking away, she tried to catch my feet when I was walking around, eat cheeze doodles and she could feel when I was sad and then she always came to support me. She hates to be in a cave or go by car (only works if I pet her), she dislikes other cats, even kittens and she takes a lot of space when sleeping together with me or likes to sleep on my chest(with a heavy cat this can be tricky- the vet suggested that she should have diet food, but that is another story).
Nikita is really amazing and has a great personality. She can not be with me here and I really miss her, but I know that she is happy where she is and that is what matters most.

Some of my friends and family members have pointed out that I take a lot of pictures of food. I do, but only for a good reason, I like food and would like to remember things I eat, cook or buy at restaurants. Memories, right?
Today (food again) we had Turkish pizza. This is pretty new for me, it is a thin pizza with meat, salad and spicy sauce, that is rolled. That was really nice after biking around in the neighborhood in this sunny but cold and windy day.
The plants we have could no longer be saved, for some reason many of them have died, from what we do not know. So we bought some new ones, first we were thinking of some plastic ones, as they look nicer much longer but the real ones was of course the best. 5 plants after we went back home through the cold wind. Some dinner and movie are waiting.



  1. Ja herregud Sååå söta Nikita och hennes syskon var som små kattungar =) Hennes mamma hade värkar hela natten och gnydde och jag satt där hela natten och det var det värt =)) Söta katter blev det =)

    Ja tänk att hon stog utan för butiken och väntade på dig =)
    Kommer du ihåg när hon var borta i flera veckor Tänk att hon kom hem igen =) Vilken tur =) Underbara kissekatt

    Många kramar Maja

    • Hon är en liten ängel! Tänker på henne ofta och önskar att jag kunde vara med henne, men hon har det jättebra nu.

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