Posted by: b1ueeyes | February 1, 2009

A relaxed Sunday with Ikea food in Amsterdam.

When I was younger I used to like a lot of things that I do not eat anymore. Among these are seafood and milk. My mother also tried bravely to make me eat liver, duck, geese and sheep.
Now I know better, so I eat instead raw fish (sushi), whale and fries with peanut sauce.
Please eep in mind, this is not an invitation to start a discussion against vegans, vegetarians or other peoples choices.

Some things were missing for the apartment so we decided to take a trip to Ikea. Sunday is not the best day to go as it seems like everyone else is off and also are going to the same place. On the way there, it started to snow, not like in the nordic countries, but still some white flakes swimming in the sky.
We got some decoration stickers to put on the white walls instead of paintings, some curtains and some Swedish snacks.
The apartment looks much nicer now, just waiting for warmer weather so I can re plant the strawberries in the garden and have late barbecues.


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