Posted by: b1ueeyes | February 3, 2009

Too much of the good is bad.

When I lived in Sweden I lived in a small town. In the summer it is always a lot of tourists and around the year a lot of Norwegians are coming to purchase goods that are less expensive than in their country. With their strong currency it is even more fun to shop I assume.
When going to the store in the low season I would probably not meet anyone on the street. At many times it feels very desert and tragic if the low season is compared to the high season with parties, sun, bars, people, life..
So, there is not much actually to chose from. One of the things I used to do is to either have friends at home or visit friends. Then we ate cheez doodles, drank soda, watched TV/ movies or just talked. At one time I managed to eat a full bag of this snack and got very bad stomach ache. I were not able to move and at this specific time I was at a friends place and were not able to get home- so the solution was to call my mother. Worried as she was over my food habits (as most mothers are) she asked if I had eaten breakfast, and I had, dinner- yes.. Anything else? Hmm, yes a big bag of snack..

If I have candy, chips, cookies or anything else that is easy to eat, I will eat it, and even though I am full from dinner or lunch, that does not stop me. Unfortunately I never learn. I eat, get pain, wait a bit and then eat again. Like today again. This day I also managed to get milk in the food without thinking of it.. So have been lying down in cramps.
Note to myself: avoid milk products or take pills before eating so I can eat it.

Today they are showing one favorite movie of mine, Brokedown Palace. The first 10 times or so I saw this I was crying so badly it hurt all over. The frustration they must of felt, and the choices they took is heartbreaking. It is just a movie, but still I get really touched by movies that are reliable, and I do live myself in the movies. Unfortunately I do the same with the Harry Potter movies for example and can get really frightened by those also.


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