Posted by: b1ueeyes | February 7, 2009

Maria Mena, Pink and Lady GaGa.

Today we have been in the city center, no special plans but just to get out to get some fresh air. We started with going to Bols, it is a liquor shop and we got some hazelnut syrup for my beloved cafe latte. My sweetie got some clothes and I took some photos from the city. We went to a lot of different shops, had a snack and found a (hopefully) interesting book named By Any Means by Charley Boorman which I would like to buy soon.

I get happy about new things lately, songs by Lady GaGa, it is getting warmer (slowly) and brighter day by day, upcoming plans like weekend trips, show at Boom Chicago, Maria Mena concert in Rotterdam and hopefully also a Pink concert if I can find some tickets.

Today I saw some nice music videos on TV, how come I am feel the urge to start exercising when I see fit, great looking women? Normally I just slip in a hoodie and softy pants when I get home, eat candy and move as little as possible. Then I start to think that I should start running every two days, eat healthy or sign up at a gym, but after changing the channel, get a new distraction like a movie or so, it is all gone and I am back in my old routine.rokin



  1. I get happy about the same things now a days 🙂 Just got my tickets for p!nk, i love to dance to lady gagas rythms, and maria mena is just great 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment! Where will you see Pink?

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