Posted by: b1ueeyes | February 9, 2009

I am so tired of speaking English sometimes..

Obviously English is not my first or second language, it is more like a third, and it is tiring to speak, think and write most of my time. It is good to practice, to boost the confidence- when I speak well, but, exhausting. Sometimes I get frustrated as I can not express myself like I would want to and afraid that I will be misunderstood.

I grew up with families from two countries, even though they are next to each other there is some differences. Many words, grammar, how to pronounce words that are written the same way, culture, way of expressing, food culture, way of living, studying, working and more. I have heard and spoken Norwegian since I was small, gone to school- takings tests, lived and worked for several years, but still, when I get away from it for a while, I forget.

Yesterday we went to a new food store, my first time there and I was happily surprised to see their assortment and some prices. I found a soda which I normally bought in Norway with a similar name. It also taste the same. It is almost 2 years ago I had this soda the last time, strange how memories come up, and the feeling of home I once had.

I also miss a Swedish soda, without sugar in any way, but with bubbles and taste. Like pear, lemon, cactus, blueberry and orange to mention some.

The books I have, that seemed interesting are already read and I am thinking of if I should ask a sister or a friend to send me some new and at the same time, maybe a magazine and some candy?
It would be awesome to come home one day and a little package from Sweden was lying on the floor when I opened the door. (Yes, this is a hint!)

I have done the same things as my sister today. Her list was: Exercise, taking sun and buying candy. Mine is with explanation: Exercise as I walked to the tram, taking sun- check and buying candy- and now it is safely in my stomach.


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