Posted by: b1ueeyes | February 10, 2009

Completely exhausted and empty.

This day have also been very busy and it was nice to go home as I really needed some air and time to recharge. When I was on the way home, the tram could not go fast enough as I just wanted to get home, to have some time alone. Not talking, not listen, not doing anything.
I am really looking forward to the weekend, where I am going to a place I never been before. Normally the weeks go by really fast, this working weekend is only 4 days but still, the days are not going by as fast I as I would want.

I think that everyone have a choice, no matter what the options are, every person can always chose. Do you want to be happy or unhappy, stop drinking or not, stop smoking or not, going to a gym or not, learn a language or not, sleep or be awake. No matter what you would want, there is a way to get there, if the motivation is there.

One of my goals is to learn Dutch, but as I no not speak it yet, I am not motivated enough. It is too easy to skip it. I get along, in most cases, pretty good. In the beginning when I lived here, I was very motivated, I had my dictionary with me and tried bravely with the things I had practiced, but as “helpful” people around me, in stores and such, replied in English, I slowly stopped trying.

I am not motivated enough, as I still do fine without it, but as that was one of the main reasons I moved here, I should kick my ass and start learning.

2 done, 2 to go.


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