Posted by: b1ueeyes | February 11, 2009

The early bird catches the.. Raisin bun!

The best thing of the day happened this morning around 7.30. I was on the way to work and decided to buy some breakfast snack at a bakery.
OK, here is the thing, I do not speak Dutch- much.. I understand a lot but not able to speak, I assume there is something going on at a mental level also.
Anyway, I actually managed to make myself understood in Dutch, she asked a question back, I had ordered. Then payment, she said how much it was and asked if I had some small chain as it was € 1.15 and wished me a nice day.
I was so proud!

I have been struggling with an annoying cough for a couple of weeks and now, when it had disappeared, I woke up with a terrible pain in the throat and been feverish, normally it will pass during a day but today was not one of those days and I was thinking at one point that I were not able to work- but it went fine and now I am home from a full day work. Only one more day to go, then mini holiday- here we come!

I better put the camera battery in the charger as I want to capture the city we are going to. By the way, I hear something- to me funny from a guy working in a store where they can develop photos. He advised me to burn my photon on DVD’s and bring them if I wanted to print any pictures instead of bringing the memory card I have. The reason behind this was that since my memory card is that big, the pictures will be bad and the camera will work slower.
That does not make much sense does it? Why would they then sell these big cards?


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