Posted by: b1ueeyes | February 12, 2009

Long weekend in the country in the east.

I think it was on my 12th birthday I got a red watch from my parents. It was a little round watch with thin, leather red band. The watch was tiny but big on my arm, but still, one precious thing I still think about. I had it for a long time but now I can no longer find it.

I do have a little toy still, which I had when I was a little baby. I still find it interesting, just the thought that I played with it, so many years ago, when I was a baby- and it is still in one piece.

This day have been very long, not in hours but in time. I have looked forward to this for some time and as it was getting closer and closer I have become more and more impatience. Tomorrow we are going by train to Düsseldorf, Germany.
I do not really know what to expect, I have not heard so much about this city. I hope to take a lot of photos, eat nice and buy some food to bring back. I have a list prepared and hope to get the things I have thought about and maybe see some new things.
It will be a little anniversary, we are trying to do something special on a specific date every month.

Good things of the day is when I again managed to order some snacks at the bakery in Dutch and solved a little technical issue I had at work. Sometimes I feel proud of myself.

The bags are now packed. Pass- yes, tickets- yes. Sleep- good night!


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