Posted by: b1ueeyes | February 15, 2009

Back from Düsseldorf.

Bratwurst, bread, beer, cheery, vanilla is some of the tasty things that I think of when it comes to Germany. All of these have been processed during this weekend.

We went there by train and it rained the first day. A not so good start of the day. The evening was nice with great food and relaxing evening (due to the food). The second day was really nice- we were out most time of the day, walking and eating.
We went to a steakhouse a friend of my boyfriend recommended and it was as great as he said. The hamburger I ordered was not an ordinary one, it was an amazing one! The burger was tasty, juicy and with great spices.

p102003000We went to the Rheinturm (TV tower) and this time, as I did not dare to in Berlin, I went up. This tower also function as the worlds biggest digital watch and it is for this reason the most popular object for the postcards.
The elevator went by 4 meters per second up to the first stop at 168 meters above the ground. From here it is an amazing view of the city.
I am afraid of heights, a lot- but after the nausea calmed down I actually managed to get closer to the window to take pictures also.

We walked by the river and around in the old part of the city which was beautiful, many old buildings, bars, restaurants and shops. To be a non- German speaking person is not a bit tricky. I had problems in shops, bars and restaurants which made me feel helpless at times.

We ate different food- German, Greek, Italian, cakes, candy and other delicious snacks. I tried one of the local beers (not at my liking), soda which is a ready made mix of cola and orange soda, beer with sprite and fizzy water with apple juice. We also bought the things and more that we planned to bring back to eat until next time we go to Germany.

It was a great place to go to and I would not mind going there again for a weekend in the summer to appreciate the city and the river more.


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