Posted by: b1ueeyes | February 22, 2009

Free time makes the thoughts go round.

I had a dream lately, where I were in Sweden, in a food store looking for the goodies that I can not get here.

It is strange how things can play out. The reason how and why I ended up here, the choices I have taken (smart and stupid) have paid off- I have followed my dreams, going abroad, again, to combine job and heart.
I am where I want, kinda. I am happy, I am in love, I have a home, a full time job (one instead of many small ones) and I feel at home in a way. I fit in more here than where I have been.

But, there is somethings that can not be replaced of course, my family, friends, some food and cultural things. From having everyone and everything close and now it is more far away than I want to think about.

I miss just taking the car to see someone in my family, miss meeting my friends, going out, renting a movie, buying candy, getting the Swedish snacks like cheez doodles, grilled ribs from Ica, walking around in the city, taking the ferry to Norway and meet friends or shop there, going to Furholmen(small island) in the summer and so on.
I really would like to meet everyone again, but then when it is warm so I can enjoy being outdoors more.

Here the times goes really fast, I have been here for over 1,5 years, but still have not done all the things I have wanted. Could be as I do not have any plans to move away, so I can wait with it all. As I really like to make lists below what I would like to to here:

-Nemo (for kids but still wanna see it)
-Boom Chicaco
-Rembrants house
-More museums
-Casa Rosso
-Rent a canal boat
-Holland Casino
-Eat out (have a guidebook with numerous restaurants and cafes)

I have had more things on the list which I wanted to do which is cleared, but that is something else.

After work I will probably- and not happily- go to the cinema with my boyfriend. He wanted to see Friday the 13th. Not too happy about that, those movies should be seen in daylight, without sound not in a dark room with speakers all around. I do not want the “full experience” on scary movies.



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