Posted by: b1ueeyes | February 25, 2009

A day off does not mean anything.

There is always things to do, which there is no time for due to my working hours, and there is things that is not done in lack of motivation.

I had a list of things I was supposted to do today, which have been on hold for a long time but as I so rarely have time- all by my self I enjoy it. I can wake up when I want, eat what and when I want, get dressed when I want an it what I want, make a big mess at home and continue to look at this list.

My excuse today for not being as productive as I hoped is that I have been up coughing this night and also today, I am tired and fed up with this now.
It is always like that for me, when I have a day off I get sick, it is like the body have it all on hold until I can relax and then it hits me.

One very important thing is done and many are left but that have to wait until Saturday as I am not able to do anthing more today.


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