Posted by: b1ueeyes | February 28, 2009

How to bake in a hot air oven?

Yesterday I finally called my house doctor to get an appointment. She lady that took the call barely spoken English and she got stressed so I asked her to speak Dutch as I understand far more than I dare to speak.
I have been coughing a lot and woke up several times this night also, it is stressing me as I do not think this is a “normal” cold. I am tired, very tired and hope to get some rest this weekend. Movie maybe?

Today is only 2 weeks left to Rotterdam, where we will see Maria Mena perform. It will be great! A weekend there, show, good food and great company.

The plan today is to go to a garden center to find things to grow this summer. I already have several strawberry plants from last year I will plant in the ground instead of pots and hope to find some other easy growing plants that is eatable.

I also feel like baking, cup cakes with a lot of chocolate, but, since we have this mini version of an oven that is hot air oven/ micro oven I am not sure how it will go. First due to the hot air and second that there is as much space in it as a micro oven- plus it is rotating..
I am hungry so I will look if I can find some recipes with tempting pictures.


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