Posted by: b1ueeyes | March 2, 2009

Possibility to chose my treatment.

I went to the doctor today as my cough is not getting better. He listened to my lungs and then asked a bit of my medical history. Then he gave me three alternatives for treatment.. How about that?

Due to allergy I got some kind of sleeping/ anti coughing pills and asthma spray. I have not dared to take neither today as I am not sure about the possible side effects. I am afraid something worse will happen when I am not completely well. I am just very tired.

I will try to make more plans, I visited a gym close by this weekend, it is in several floors and have a lot interesting things for me like yoga, pilates and kick boxing. I will maybe look into that further next week.

Also Ikea will also be on the list of things to do this week, have to get some stuff- and more there.


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