Posted by: b1ueeyes | March 10, 2009

How to turn a day.

Do you ever have these days when everything goes wrong, you have no patience and close to explode? I had a bad today, again. I am tired even though I have managed to sleep enough the last days. Stressed when I actually can do things in priority. Angry for small things.

It turned for many reasons, a talk, funny pictures, a phone call and good chat.When I left work today my boyfriend met me up and we went to a Thai restaurant and had a great meal with a beer. On the way home we talked and did a thing I like to do- sun therapy.

I am thinking of my family and friends, that I miss to have them close, it is even more painful, now as I know I will not see them for a while. I can not- for economical reasons go back every 4 month for a short time and and stress like I have been doing the past year. Next time will probably be after the summer. A longer time so I can meet everyone and also actually relax on a holiday. I miss having them close to talk and meet. I am not so aware anymore- how they are doing or how they feel.

It looks like two close friends and one family member might come to visit in the next upcoming months. It will be great if it will come true and to see them, but also to show them what made me pack my bags and leave- maybe they will fall in love with the city and move too?

I have the best friends and family ever and awesome boyfriend. I really like my work and have a nice home. I appreciate little things and try to do different or, the same things, as I want, when I want. What more to ask for actually?

Now I am listening to Maria Mena- “You’re The Only One” and I feel relaxed. This weekend I will see her with great company. I can not wait!

And tomorrow is my day!


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