Posted by: b1ueeyes | March 12, 2009

Another year older. -update

bockerYesterday was my birthday and I started with opening some gifts I had got. One was from my sister- with the books on the picture and the other was from my teamleader. It was really nice gifts!

I started to get a headache and on the way to work I also started to feel sick and no, I am not pregnant!

I had some things I needed to do so was thinking to stay as long as possible at work as I do not like to be away from work. The hours went and during the day people were congratulating me which was really nice. My team gathered around me and sang which was amazing. I do not like to be in the center so I felt embarrassed of course. A 2 times ex colleague came to visit so it was a great day besides the sickness.

When I was done at work my boyfriend met me outside of work and he had a big rose, a huge cake and a lovely card! We went home and ordered food to eat in bed. I was not able to eat as I did not feel so great and finally fell asleep at 21.00. Just before I went to bed I checked the temperature and it was on 38.5 degrees- so yes, I had fever.

I feel asleep with my clothes on and when I woke up today I feel much better! Sore throat but that is no news since I have been having this cold with a cough for a couple of weeks.

I will take another piece of the cake and enjoy it with my love before going to sleep.


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