Posted by: b1ueeyes | March 21, 2009

An ordinary day.

I would like to be really good at writing an interesting an amusing text about myself- but the fact is that not so much is going on as you will know.

I wake up bu the alarm of my phone and even though I have had the same sound for years- I am in this half sleep stage and I mix the sound in the dream. It is normally warm as we are two under a big blanket and I am on the edge of the bed. I have not fallen out of bed this day either- I guess I know to try to roll in to the middle of the bed when I start to feel the floor.

Looking for the glasses which I fell asleep with the day before- again. As I see about 15 cm without them I am trying to feel after them- on the floor, under some magazines, around the TV, on the bed table, under and also in the bed. I always find them but I am afraid I will find them broken.

Get some clothes to go down to the toilet, then one round around the lower part of the apartment- look in the fridge if anything is tempting me- breakfast is good but do not feel like eating. Not hungry this early.

Then to the upper floor, take a short shower if I have not done that the night before. If I have little time I get back to my room, get dressed and sit on the floor in front of the mirror to put some color to my face- to look more awake. Then back to the bathroom and brush my teeth- back to my room, get my bag and go downstairs.

I look in the fridge again- still nothing, get my jacket and shoes and get out.

The tram comes about ever 5-10 minute and thinking that today I will not run. As soon as I get out the door I can almost see the tracks and hear if any tram is on its way. This morning it is coming so I have to run- or- not have to- but will anyway. It is rarely that I miss the one I have decided to come with and I have a good clue when I can make it by running and when to just give up. My stamina gets better and better.

Once I am on the tram I have some time to go so I do sudoku, listen to music, read metro(if get one at a stop on the way), sms friends/ family or read books which I am doing at the time.

At my stop close to work I either get a coffee with hazelnut syrup, a croissant or just go directly to work- depending on the time.


When I take the tram home I read most likely- if I get a seat- otherwise I wait for one. Get a call or call my boyfriend- what to eat today? Either me, him or both together shop the food if we do not already have all we need. To go shopping when hungry is not good idea as everyone know- then goodies like chips and apple pie get in the basket also.

Back home again we prepare the food, talk, eat and the one that did least with the food do the dishes. Then up to the room, watch some TV or surfing. Talk, get some snacks, more TV and then brush the teeth, get a flour pill and then sleep.

Another ordinary day is over and one day less to the weekend.

It is first in the weekends, when I am not working that I feel I have the time to do more things. Go to market, do the garden, look in stores, sleep long, clean at home, do laundry, fix the bike, call a family member, chat with friends, plan and dream of things I would like to do, go to the cinema, go out, make an extra nice dinner, not talk or talk, just be.


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