Posted by: b1ueeyes | March 23, 2009

Me and my homies roomies.

During my time living with others I would like to share some things that happened to. This is not one person but many different. If I would count I have lived with in total over 20 persons. It sounds really bad but have lived in shared apartments with many others and also at several occasions.

I have:
-done others dishes,
-woken up by a fire,
-found ashes in the fridge,
-woken up without electricity as one roomie wanted to melt cheese- in the toaster,
-had the bathroom flooded,
-been lied to- about what is smelling,
-had minus degrees inside,
-borrowed out my car,
-not been able to sleep as it have been a party in the apartment,
-lived with people that have fad sex in the living room- and forgot that they are not alone- many times,
-disliked other roomies with one roomie,
-not been able to sleep as some roomies had sex,
-been stolen from,
-gotten angry with someone,
-become good friends with one,
-removed dog poo,
-been woken up regularly,
-had to wait to start my dinner,
-not had a private life,
-been disturbed when having sex,
-been in fights,
-started fights,
-had to isolate my room,
-not been able to go to the toilet when needed,
-woken up by dogs,
-playing NDS but not been in the same room,
-had minus degrees inside- or nor far from it,
-let others do my dishes,
-avoided people,
-cleaned together,
-had to go to the toilet and the one before had forgotten to flush (many times),
-slept in the kitchen,
-felt alone even though the apartment was full,
-seen a lot of polices due to the crime in the neighborhood,
-had to replace 3 toilet seats due to damages,
-trusted some,
-cooked together,
-left the apartment to get privacy,
-rolled around and laughed on the floor at jokes,
-asked some to leave,
-had lots of fun with some,
-come home and seen the apartment having a dildo as decoration (thank you Blondie..!),
-locked myself in my bedroom to avoid guys..

-not finished this list yet..


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