Posted by: b1ueeyes | March 27, 2009

What is it with trams and people?

Yesterday I went to the tram as all days when going to the city center and as the time table expired in December 2008 I have learned that the tram is coming 8.20 in the morning and it takes normally 20 minutes to get to work.

This morning the tram came- and did not stop- it was empty and the tram stop was full.

The next one came after 5 minutes and was completely full! As I had to get to work in time- I pushed myself in and as the following stops were coming and more people went on and off- and more on so I was really pushed around- it was no space to move but the ones behind me wanted pass me anyway.

One guy before me fell at one stop- and when he did that he tried to keep himself from not falling on someone- and took a step back to keep balance- right on my toes. DAMN! That hurt! I could not feel the toes for some hours.

Due to all the construction most parts to work with the tram line- the journey took almost double the time and when stepping off- finally at my stop heaven decided to cool me down.

On the way home I was asked to leave the tram as I had a cup- with lid with coffee with me- yes I get it- but then some other girls were on with beer cans- and they were not asked to leave. As I did not want to be separated from my beloved Eur 2,80 coffee I had to get off, drink it and wait for the next one.

Also- it is crowded in Amsterdam and not everyone(even though it seems like it) are going by bike- some is by tram. If it is a lot of people that want to get on- why not just move away from the exits?? Often there is actually space- but the ones around refuse to move to let more people in, how ignorant can you be?


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