Posted by: b1ueeyes | March 30, 2009

Why I love you.

You support the ones you care about around you.
You have a curious mind and like new things.
You are not afraid of saying what you wan to say.
You want the best to your close ones.
You are happy and want to spread your joy.
You always want to be the best you can be.
You work hard for your goals.
You are full of energy.
You are honest and very smart.

I love the way you look at me, and see that I look at you, the way you kiss me, hug me, smile with me and at me. I love the way your skin feels against mine, the way you look when you sleep, and the way you look when you wake up.

I love your laugh, your adventures, your surprises, your way of being in all ways, your kindness, your self control, your ideas and thought and dreams. You can be trusted and a joy to be with.

You are a good person, which enjoys life, like to laugh, smile, share, explore, learn, evolve, grow, accept, feel, listen.

I enjoy being with you and you remind me- if I do not already think it- how amazing you are and how lucky I am to be with you.
It could be a everyday scene when I like to observe you- like the way you get dressed, make a sandwich, read a magazine and everything else.
You are an amazing man in every way- in everything you say and everything you do.

You have a special strength and I am so proud of you in all ways.

I love you long time. 🙂



  1. that’s the spirit !

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