Posted by: b1ueeyes | April 5, 2009

Easy Sunday.

Today we have planted some seeds in the garden, besides the strawberries from last year we are now waiting for tomatoes, yellow and red, sunflowers, basil and thyme to mention some of the goodies.
Luckily it has been a very nice day and we enjoyed the time in the sun.

Days like these make me want to go to my town. Be by the ocean, maybe go to an island, eat nice and be with family and friends. I miss them all and some days are more painful than others. What relaxes me is that they are a phone call away and that it is good connections in case I badly need to go back.

I might seem like I can not make up my mind, but I already have- I am here.
But I also miss my family and friends. It is here I feel relaxed and at home.

I have my love here which I enjoy spending time with, one day we can do yoga together, cook, watch a movie and do nothing or a huge list of things we need to complete during a day. He is really a big support to me and I feel that I can talk to this amazing man.


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