Posted by: b1ueeyes | April 6, 2009

Spring is in the air!

When I went out from work the heat was hitting me in the face. It really did not look that warm but I did not need the jacket and it really smelled like spring. I can not put my finger on what the smell actually is but it is fresh. When I came home I saw that it was 18 degrees outside.

On the tram home I continued to read the book by Magdalena Graaf, it is a horrible true story but also amazing as she is so strong woman! I am looking forward to my next time to read.

I bought something that might change my appearance- no, not a paper bag.. Something else and I will see when I can do this, it will take some time.

When I came home I called my sister and it was nice going through the park talking to her. I miss them!



  1. Jag har oxå läst hennes bok Den är riktigt bra Kunde inte sluta läsa Läste hela natten =)

  2. hm.. i just wrote about -2 instead of +18.. 😉

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