Posted by: b1ueeyes | April 7, 2009

I am a chocolate pig!

You have been hiding for me- waiting for the right moment. You thought that I had forgotten about you but I knew you were there for me. I have thought about you the time you have been with me and I have been tempted, but I had to control myself.
Today was the day and finally I could find you. Just the thought of you made my mouth water and the few seconds it took me to reveal you.
For a second I was thinking of waiting, for another moment but I really can not wait to see you. You are perfectly shaped, and both crispy and soft on the inside when my teeth is going through you.
Another flood in my mouth, it is watering up again as you are more delicious than I can remember.

As I am reading on the tram I also have on the mp3 on and I am more an more convinced that I need to go to the Tracy Chapman concert in the summer. She is amazing and the very first time I heard of her was when I was at a small island outside my town and there was some guys playing guitar and singing. It was really good and as it was the first time I heard her songs- played by them I really adored them.
Later on I was told by one of the guys who the artist is and he often played the cd with her in his apartment. We listened to Tracy Chapman and The Sundays and I still am- over 10 years later.
For me I connect things, like music or smell by memories. It is some music I like and some I really dislike because of some events. The same goes for perfumes for example. Strange how that works.


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