Posted by: b1ueeyes | April 19, 2009

Interview about me- you ask the questions!

Oki, I have just read some of another blog and got inspired. As you have noticed I have never posted a picture of myself- and I might stand by that.

But, anyhow- I was thinking to have a post that is based on questions to me. So what I am asking of you- is to post the number of questions you would like to know and I will do my best to answer them- here.

So, please post your question/ questions as a comment about how it is to live in Amsterdam, how to find work, what to think of or something about me..? Anything!

This is also to see how many that is looking at my blog.



  1. Hej

    Jag har en fråga =)

    När kommer du att komma hem? =))

    Saknar dig…

  2. Har några fler frågor =)

    Vad saknar du mest från Sverige?

    Vad saknar du minst?

    Vad är det bästa med att bo i Amsterdam?
    Vad är det sämsta?

    Om du har en dag ledigt Vad gör du helst då?
    Ska nog komma på några fler =))


  3. Did you cut your hair? I DID!! 😀

    • I thought about it.. But too lazy.. Where did you go? Picture? 🙂

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