Posted by: b1ueeyes | April 22, 2009

Where am I going now?

Ok, when I grew up I did not have one specific thing I wanted to become or do. I wanted everything and nothing.
To decide what kind of studies I should start at age 15/16 is not easy at all. I wanted to do something with media as I use to draw a lot and were more of an artist. As this school was some distance away this was not allowed- and who knows how my life would have ended up then- in both ways.

The option left was this general study- with a lot of languages, maths and other basic subjects. Great to have as a base, right?
Since I was 15 I have always worked- on weekends and on holiday when I was still in school and later on all I can get- several kinds of jobs, different working hours and all good jobs I have to say.

I have done some courses and studies in computers, gymnastics, leadership, security on board a ferry and so on and later also went to start a bachelor degree in Chemistry.

I can say- that I still have not found the path of work- that that I should do the rest of my life. I know now that I do not believe in it. I have done a lot- and learned a lot- met great people and feel very satisfied for the road I have gone.

I often say that everything happens for a reason, and I still stand by that. Most important for me- is to be happy and proud of what I do- and I am.

Where to go now then? Maybe that is why I have these other little thoughts now and then. Family? Or is it just that I still wanna walk a bit further? Do I really want this or am I thinking about it just because I think it is the right way?


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