Posted by: b1ueeyes | April 28, 2009

How to write a blog..

No, of course I do not have a clue- so why would I advise anyone else?

I read more and more blogs and some are really funny. But that is all in what you like of course. The ones I read is written by people I know to feel that I am closer to them or just interesting blogs in general. One of them is actually kinda sad. Sad in the way that it really about nothing.

This guy is complaining about how much he hates his job- that he actually have to DO something at work- and be nice on top of that- in almost every second entry. In some basic entries which he calls “articles” and these are based on other peoples view and information about news and technical issues.
He have also labeled himself as a person who does not like other persons- one who is alone and only speaks when he have something to say, and the most fun of all is that he think that everyone should speak their mind- BUT if someone does not think as him, he delete the comments.

I will not post the link in here in public- but this blog gives a good laugh now and then.

So, if you have a blog which you think I should check out- please post them as comments- I would love to see more blogs but as there is an ocean of possibilities- it is difficult to find the one.


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