Posted by: b1ueeyes | May 3, 2009

Queens day Amsterdam.

Queens day, morning



Street view

Canal view

The masses

Orange rain

Queens day is the biggest event of the year in the Netherlands and it starts some months before with the stores preparing big sales in orange items for this event. They have orange t-shirts, orange spray, orange hats and so on.

It started already the day before with parties and fireworks and when I was on the way to work, the streets were filled already with garbage from the nights events like orange clothing, shoes, papers from fast food change, left over food, glass bottles, beer cans, people going home or out again, broken bikes and a lot of polices.

During the day I could see the progress how people woke up and went out on the streets to the big event. As they had closed down the city center for traffic and local transport it is now plenty of walking space. People for selling all their non wanted stuff, fruit, beverages, hamburgers, scarfs, sun glasses and all other possible things.

There was music all over, in the streets, in the overfilled boats in the canals, from apartments above the streets. People is dancing randomly, eating, drinking, vomiting, crying, laughing, smoking, watching or avoiding.

It is a big party all over and most people are happy and it feels like it is never ending.


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