Posted by: b1ueeyes | May 10, 2009

Some lines on what have happened recently..

My grandmother passed away and I am not sure I have realized this yet. I do not know what to do now- to back for the funeral or not. I really thought that she was going to be good again and she have sounded nice and clear on the phone. When I walked away from work on Wednesday, I had many missed calls from both my phones, sisters, father and unknown. I knew already then.
When I came home late I was crying- from the chock, the lost and maybe also tired at the same time.

I had planned to go to Sweden soon, to meet her also, I have been thinking about what to bring her from here. I was going to take some more photos and also record some things so she also could see how it looks here. Now it is not possible. Several people back home is upset and sad too, and I can not be with them, and that is really horrible. I would have wanted closer but that is not possible.

She meant a lot to me and was a big part of my life, I lived with my grandparents in the weekends when I worked, we went for holidays with them, we always had dinners on Christmas, Easter, birthdays and other events. She opened up to me and have given me good advises and also listened to me. We had a rough period and came over it and worked to get it better again and also respected each other.

It hurts to know, that she will not be here anymore. I feel alone.

I have a friend from school visiting and this is the first time in 2 years I have seen her now, but it it like this time have not passed at all as I feel so close to her- it is just about catching up now. I have known her for at least 10 years but it does not really feel like that long, some how- we have not aged- oh well, we do not want to I guess.

She had brought some nice things so it was Christmas here yesterday with the goodies I got. (picture will come.) Now I have the chance once again to be a tourist! Have some things in mind that would be nice to do and the camera is ready for every moment!

And yes, did something silly yesterday- when taking down something from a high shelf- another sharp item fell down and hurt me on the skin between my lip and nose. It started to bleed and is still sore. It looks like a bloody booger or something and goes nicely with a huge pimple I have in my forehead. I feel pretty.. 😦



  1. Tänker på dig min älskade vän
    Ring mig om du känner att du behöver prata
    Saknar dig

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