Posted by: b1ueeyes | May 17, 2009

A walk to memory lane.

Every summer a sister and me had went to Norway with our grandparents. This was something I looked forward to every year and I already then wrote lists about what to pack and see that I had enough of film for the camera and batteries for the freestyle with the good old tape with Phil Collins.

I rewrote the lists and as it was getting nearer I started to pack also, just so I would not forget anything. It could take weeks to prepare for this one week with the grandparents. They picked us up and we tried to stove in the luggage in the Volvo. Then a stop at the gas station to get some sodas and magazines. It was starting.

Normally we took the ferry to Norway and on that we ate some and filled up with candy for the holiday. It was exciting to see what to do, where we would go and which camping’s to stay at. We use to rent the little houses and that was interesting to see how they looked. My grandmother had prepared some dinners to heat up and sometimes she cooked from the start. It was one of the best things of the year. We saw many fjords and mountains, amazing nature and good company. It was normally warm and I never wanted it to end. This was something we talked about until the next year and admired the photos we took.

For each holiday like Christmas, Easter, birthday, graduation or just Sunday dinner or other visits we were together. My sisters, parents and our grandparents(fathers side). We had a lot of contact with them and I lived with them for weekends and holidays as I worked in the city very early or late and not possible to get to work from home.

They both enjoyed to be in the nature and winter as summer we sometimes were with them walking the dogs and got to see the Swedish nature.

My grandfather was serious most of the time but very kind and wise. He had the talk to me with the guys. That they are not to be trusted and that they might lie to get what they want. I was not supposed to say this to my grandmother of course.
If I had a friend over- as I stayed with my grandparents for the weekends they always was very kind to the visitor. If it was a guy- they introduced themselves and sat in the same room- the living room which I was in. I think that was a good thing to show that they cared about me and to protect me.
He used to smoke a pipe but stopped after his heart surgery but I still remember the smell of the tobacco. He liked to be out and walking and read the magazine by the table and had special reading glasses and liked to play accordion. He also borrowed me one and I learned some songs. He was a fan of Clint Eastwood and liked to drink coffee with vodka sometimes in the evenings.
He used to prepare some night food for my grandmother when she came home from work late by start to boil the sausages several hours before she came home.
He passed away on September 10, 2001.

My grandmother was sweet and honest to me and spoke to me with respect which I really appreciated. She spoke about family and life. How it was when she grew up and she could never stop giving me food or snacks. Even if I just had dinner she asked if I wanted sandwiches, chocolate, soda or waffles. She had a great laugh and perfect teeth. She asked for clothing advise and she though she was brave not to tuck in the blouse in the dress or pants and she liked to cook and bake. She always had sodas and some chocolate hidden away in case she would get visits.
She liked to do crosswords and had a big book of words to get help by and take care of the plants. She could not see animal shows on TV if an animal ate another one. She liked to have people over to visit and take care of them. She loved to make waffles and to make homemade jam which she stored. She liked things that was homemade and I did her a little mini stable which she liked to decorate on Christmas with and a bit longer too sometimes. To make it cosy she used tea candles and started a pot of coffee. She was also a collector of things and had a glass collection of birds in various colors she said it was for us kids. Sometimes we were allowed to touch them. She had really soft, warm hands and was always pretty.
She passed away on May 9, 2009.

Like most families, it was both good and bad times, but it is the good ones I want to mention. Overall I think they were fair and understood me despite what have happened.

He have been gone for a while and still it feels like not long time ago that I spoke to him. I still have some unsaid things, but that will always remain.

She is not here anymore, I feel horrible about it. She have been in my life and I could call her, meet her, sms her. She used to send me postcards and letters since I moved here.

I miss them both as they were both very young and had so much more to experience, do and give. They were good people and should not have passed further.

I feel empty. Sad. Old. Alone.


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