Posted by: b1ueeyes | May 18, 2009

Why bikes are not good for you.

-You have fallen when trying to get up on the patio. (1 point)
-You have gotten a fine if you do not have the lights on. (1 point)
-You have broken a leg. (1 point)
-You have broken something else. (1 point)
-You have a bike pump. (1 point)
-You have at least one lock. (1 point)
-Your bike have been stolen. (1 point)
-You have forgotten where you parked it. (1 point)
-You have gotten a flat tire. (1 point)
-You got wet if you do not have rain clothes.. Or expected it. (1 point)
-You have not seen the road and drove off it. (1 point)
-You have removable lights. (1 point)
-You can not go as fast as you might want. (1 point)
-You have gotten a speeding fine. (1 point)
-You have gotten a sore ass. (1 point)
-You have a bell. (1 point)
-You have broken a bike. (1 point)
-You have driven the bike drunk. (1 point)
-You have driven into some bushes. (1 point)
-You have gotten a bug or more in the mouth, ear, eye or nose while biking. (1 point.. for each one is not fair.)

I have 15 of 20 points. How many points did you get?


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