Posted by: b1ueeyes | May 23, 2009

May 23rd.

Since my boyfriend broke his leg in an accident- only the bike and him involved besides high speed and slippery road, I have not been able to move around so much. Normally I do not do so many special things but still, now there is not much choice.
At the moment we are sleeping downstairs and spend the days by either watching TV, movies, surf or me running around getting things or help him move around- in additional to the other housework he can no longer be a part of. It is nice to spend time together- but to a limit- to get and do things for him can be stressing and annoying also.

Anyway, today we had another great day with sun and we have had the door to the garden open and been out a bit to buy food and now on the evening put water in the garden as they plants looked sad. My boyfriend have been talking to one of the neighbors and it was so cute to see him on crouches, jumping to the fence discussing gardening.

My love is amazing in many ways. It is in some moments it really hits me, how great he is and how lucky I am to be with him. He can do something stupid(oh yes, it happens) and then offer a hug and look innocent even so he is not. Or he says something cute in Swedish or when he tries to get his will and desperately do all his tricks. He have his little funny ways of being but also very cute and considerate.

Chocolate I have also been talking to my mother and one of my sisters and it is nice to her what they are up to and it makes me want to go visit them even more. My sister told me that she would enjoy her Saturday with some nice chocolate and salty candy (Salt & Blandat) and that beats my newly bought chocolate.

This to the right, is in my opinion- the best chocolate to get in The Netherlands.

I started another list today, making headlines so I can add more things as the times go for “things to bring to Sweden”, “what to do in Sweden” and “things to bring back from Sweden”. I hope that I can arrange this holiday for me and my love so he can see how nice it really is where I am from. Meet my friends, go out, eat nicely, maybe barbecue and be out until the mosquitoes force me to go inside, relax, go to an island, eat an ice cream in the shade and then we really feel that the skin is warm from the sun. As I think about it, or see photos of this area, I can not wait to travel.

I have to bring my camera, some little things to my family.. Get some sun.. Meet friends and family.. Relax.. I hope the months go fast!


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