Posted by: b1ueeyes | May 26, 2009

Worst storm I have ever experienced!

hagelIt have been a horrible night, it started already last night around 9. Little, tiny drops and as I have looked at the weather report it should be expected rain today and tomorrow so I was happy that we do not have to water the garden.

More and more drops came and it started to be very windy. The thunder started and I am used to it going away after a while but this one did not. It went through bad to worse to horrible and back again. I looked at the clock around 0.30 and then woke up after 2 hours again thinking that this was it. It was actually hailing and some had the size of a small ball. Not like peas or smaller, but huge! I did not think that the windows would make it. When it was thundering I thought the house would fall together as the ground was shaking too.

I managed to take some videos but no photos over the lightning. Have not been able to upload any videos here though.

I was really afraid and went up and down and back and forwards to the windows. I would estimate it was thundering at least 4 hours and the lighting made the sky flickering really bad. This reminded me that we are really, really small and do not have any control over our planet.

When I woke up this morning I was completely destroyed. My eyes were hurting and I could not think straight. Was not in the mood at all. Good thing that I had plenty of time so I had some breakfast and been listening to the Swedish radio.

And it is only 10 days until I see one of my sisters, can not wait!!



    Hoppas att den kommer till oss =)))))
    Kram Maja

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