Posted by: b1ueeyes | June 1, 2009

It is getting warmer in Amsterdam and I want to travel!

After the storm it got really warm again and I am counting down for my sister coming for visit. 4 days left now!

At home I have tried to be out much to get some color but I am too restless to be still in the heat so I have to give up. After some water and some colder air I try to go out again. In this heat I get reminded by how nice it is on the coast in Sweden and I have once again been looking at flight tickets so we can go. I want even more to go back to see my family and friends. Barbecues, taking a boat to an island, taking a ferry to Norway, eat expensive ice cream and go in to a air conditioned shopping center.

I would like to go to the cities around where I have lived, meet friends, eat nicely, walk around.. Aaaah, I am dreaming away..

Today I guess we will order home food since it is less work and we have plenty to do in the garden. I am hungry already now and is considering if I should get my lovely snack on the way to the garden center. Might bring the camera too.

Did I mention that it is only 4 days left? I am happy as a kind on Christmas because of this! Need to clean up a bit and plan what we will do during the time she is here. Will be so great!!!

It is now mid day and it 29 degrees Celsius! Can you imagine?


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