Posted by: b1ueeyes | June 14, 2009

I have had a nice visit!

My sister came to visit this weekend and we managed to do a lot of things. I wanted to show her my home for the last years and was hoping that she could feel what I feel about this city.

I was so concerned when she was coming over as she had to change flights in Germany. I called like a maniac to check up on her and I was really happy to see her when she was waiting for the luggage.

On the Friday I met her up at the airport, went home to deliver the luggage, went out to a local snack bar to have fries and snacks and then we were not doing much, talked, looked on what she brought, ate and then watched a movie until we could not have our eyes open.

Saturday was very busy as I had written a plan of things I wanted to show her. The Sunday was supposed to be rainy so it was a long list:

-Central Station,
-Asian market,
-Buddhist tempel,
-Red light,
-Westerkerk(in the tower),
-Anne Franks house (outside at least),
-Pancake bakery,
-Flower market,
-Tourist shops,
-Christmas Palace,,
-Albert Heijn,

On Sunday we:
-Took a canal tour,
-Went shopping at Nieuwendijk/ Kalverstraat.

On Monday I had to say good bye and leave her at the airport. I hate goodbyes, it was so nice to see her and the time went far to fast.


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