Posted by: b1ueeyes | June 22, 2009

Lazy days is needed sometimes!

Well, lazy in the sense that I have not been writing much here lately. I have done other things.. Like gone to Germany by car(yes-me!).

Many Germans probably hate me and the Holland after this trip since I did not believe in driving as fast as everyone else. Or, I drove faster than the trailers and slower than the other more routine drivers. My supporting boyfriend reminded me about every 10 minutes during the 9 (with stop) hour long drive that I have to speed up and that I can drive as fast as I can. I know that, but when the car is the size of a shoe box that is not that fun. When I had a transporter I actually got speeding tickets(in 50 zone) and should be happy that I actually got to keep my license- that kind of car is much more safe to be in. Anyhow.

It was a sad occasion but besides that I could spend some time with my bf, eat well, did some shopping on the way back and had one day of relaxing at home before going back to work. On the second day we went driving for a couple of hours to the church with my boyfriends parents in the back. That is also stressing, in a small car I am not used to, on a road with several files, with other persons. If it is just me, that is one thing, but the more the worse.

We got some plants that is already set in ground in the garden and bought some new ones. We have now added raspberry, cherry and chili to mention some eatable plants.

The holiday is booked and arranged and now the time goes very slow as I cant wait to go there to meet everyone.


Also celebrated Midsummer here- first time since I moved here.
It started off with a trip to Ikea where we got some things for the apartment and a bag from the food section. Dress on and then off to the park where the celebration where.
They had “krans” to dance around, balloons, Swedish flags and we had brought some picnic food and drinks to enjoy ourselves with. It was some snaps, dancing, singing and competing. Great time. Fun to explain the songs to some foreigners.. The ones about the frogs that does not have ears or tail, the crow that was going for a ride and the fox.. Not sure if if makes sense in Swedish even..

Finally the cast is off from my loved one- after over 6 weeks. Hopefully he will be more movable and independent now. 🙂


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