Posted by: b1ueeyes | July 3, 2009

Tetanus- word of the day.

The boyfriend just took of the cast last week after had broken the leg by a bike accident and yesterday he was not coming home when I expected so rang him. Was hoping he could buy salad on the way also- in case he was in the store.
No answer and after a few minutes the phone rang back. He said “you will not believe me but the bike is in half and now the ambulance is coming so I can not talk.”
I got scared and angry. I did not know what had happened or where he were. It was noting more I could do than wait.

After half an hour he called back and said that he was on the home by tram, the police was getting rid of the rests of the bike and he was OK he said.
When he walked in the door I saw the damage, cuts on the legs, the whole right arm was red of cuts and burns and the lower arm had a bandage. He had also gut up some flesh on the belly and it look horrible!

I had problems sleeping- and I guess he did have the same problem, I was afraid that I was gonna touch any of the wounds and this morning one was still bleeding.

I am thankful it is Friday as some rest is needed. Have a lot of things to do as far as the garden needs attention but will see how much that will be done.


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