Posted by: b1ueeyes | July 5, 2009

To kiss or hug or not at all?

I wonder about.. Correction.. I get confused about this greeting thing in this country. I am used to that you say “hi” to someone you know when I meet them. If it is a dear friend- exceptionally I might hug them. This is just an exception for me as I am pretty reserved- I need and used to my space. When someone talk with me and at the same time touch me- like put a hand on my leg or arm I get really stressed. What to do? The ones that does this, know about this and I have learnt to not freak out. Sometimes they do this to see how long time it takes before I stress out.

Here on the other hand- you kiss- 3 times on the cheek. I know most non Dutch people so I have been avoiding that greeting procedure a lot. However, some like this and have started to greet like this too. I can reach for a hug- because that I can do.. And then I get a kiss and then other cheek and back to the first one for the last kiss. I get confused! I was mentally prepared for a hug and then this.

Or not prepared for anything and then I have someone in my space with big, big lips aiming for my cheek. WOW!

I think this should be agreed first- like- should we hug, say hi, handshake, kiss and how many? This would remove all the awkward greeting situations!

Anyhow, yesterday we decided to have a barbecue as it was so nice weather and we never do much on the free time. I have lived her for over 2 years now and still do not know many people- mostly because I am shy I think. I have gone in to this stupid thought that I am too old to get to know and spend time with others plus my own personal issues that I am in fact feeling old and unhappy with the way I look. I have gained a lot of weight since I moved here and have never been this heavy. Me have a weight in the home(I have strongly been against this) and I am just going up, up, up and up. I get sad and open a bag of chips.. Like that is going to solve anything..

I have to decide what to do and just stick with it. I can not be more sad now. Out of topic again..
We prepared some food and fixed the garden and then they came, several friends I have not seen for a long time. I really enjoyed it and was so happy about that I got more motivated again. Friends, food, snacks, sun.. I got remembered that I have amazing friends and people around me and I also got angry with myself as I have not taken initiative to something like this earlier.

Thank you for being in my life!

Today is a new day!


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