Posted by: b1ueeyes | July 19, 2009

Time do goes fast sometimes..

Specially on weekends. I had several things that I should have done but as I enjoy the relaxing time, that it is quiet and do not actually have to do anything, I chose not do lift a finger. Sure, some cleaning done, movies seen, nice food eaten and some other things is done, but far from it.
I need this non stressing time as I have been sleeping very bad lately. Strange dreams and just a couple of hours of sleep. Can not wait until the next time I will be able to sleep more than 6 hours.

I have started to collect the things I would like to bring to Sweden and contiguously writing my lists. Do not know the next time that I will go- but sure it will take long so I really do not want to forget anything.

Sometimes the time goes fast, sometimes really slow. I wish that I could change that somehow.. To fast forward and pause when needed..


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