Posted by: b1ueeyes | July 22, 2009

Men and their dicks.

Please explain this to me if you can? What is the obsession about them and their one eyed snake? All I see is men that is touching themselves in public. Do they want to check if it is still there? They are so afraid they will lose their precious that they just have to feel also, like if they would not feel if it fell off and down the leg of the pants? Have you ever seen a woman digging down their pants to touch the intimate part?

Also, most have probably seen Al Bundy, when he is having his hand down is pants to relax? Why is that? As soon as they come in a more relaxed environment than in public they have to have their hand on the dick constantly? It is like the babies and their pacifier which they will probably never grow away from. Some do it very often, some not at all. Why are they not all the same?

Can someone please let me know what is going on?


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