Posted by: b1ueeyes | August 11, 2009

My great- grandmother is gone.

I have not seen her for a long time, and I was planning to see her this time I am going to Sweden. She was 97 years old and very wise. She was a true lady, knew a lot of things and an amazing person. There was stories about her I do not know if it is true. Once she get some pearls but she returned them as she felt old in them.

When she got a bit older she went to the police station with her drivers license to return it as she felt that old people should not drive. She could see right through a person and then know if this person is good or bad.

Once in my bad periods I stopped eating. My mother did not care as she felt it was a rebel time of me. I went down to 46 kilo and was 170 cm long. I was testing how far I could get I guess, once the first kilos were lost I started to think in a different way- addictive to not eat- I know it sounds strange- but that was how it was for me. When I met her at this time, she told me that I did not look good and that I have to start eating. That was when it hit me- what I had been doing- how it hurt her to see me.

She was at a home once as she had an accident, but was not to keen about having sweatpants and low shoes. She always had high healed shoes. This lady(she really was) was short, weighed like 35 kilos and walked high healed shoes like no one else.

She always looked amazing, hair was done, always nice outfits and liked to prepare snacks when she got company- and she wanted company every day. Now, I feel terrible not to have visited her more often.

A cousin told me online that she had been moved from her home to a hospital and that she was tired. I really hoped that she would be fine, she have often been fine. She was super strong and have managed a lot of things before.

I really wanted her to meet my boyfriend, so she could have seen that me too, is happy.

Several strange things have happened lately, I got a ring from her once, which I do not wear often but one day last week I took it on again- now she is with me like that. My mother woke up on the night she passed and she saw a shadow in the house- in shape of a person. My mother is convinced that it was her to say goodbye- and so am I. She have played a very important role in my mother life and been a role model for me. I wish I could have her wisdom.

I will really miss her!


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