Posted by: b1ueeyes | August 18, 2009

Holiday times

Day one
Flight overbooked, less happy as we booked over 2 months ago. Finally got on (small) plane and had discussion with a Norwegian about the seats. Used airplanes and only had terrible pain in one ear. Went by ferry and lost monye on slot machines. Sister picked us up and drove us to my mothers place. Met family and went to bed supertired.

Day two
Went swimming. Boyfriend ate seafood. I tested out the car alarm on the borrowed car. Played around with my cat and the coppar snake she got for me.

Day three
Waited for boyfriends dentist appointment. Reversed in some bushes and modified one of the car mirrors. Went swimming again, much more people. Ate pancakes and boyfriend ate seafood plate at an restaurant by the sea.

Day four
Bought candy at a big store. Was in Norway for a funeral. Went fishing in the evening- I got stuck twice in the water and the boyfriend caught a tree. Had a barbecue by the lake and got stuck in the mud when trying to drive away from there. Also drove over a big rock and made marks under the car.

Day five
Went to a big shopping centre and met a friend which was working. Went to the grave of my grandparents. Sister came to visit. Ate chicken, dill chips and talked. Nice and relaxed.

Day six
Went to a friend and daughter in Norway. Went for a walk in the forrest and found the gold of the forrest. Fried them up and have a great snack.
Had to pay to cross the boarder, they took 3 currencies on the second brigde but unfortunotely only Norwegian coins in the one we got through.

Day seven
Boyfriend exercised. Bought 4 new books. Went to the dentist, only one hole and they informed me that the wisdom tooths have to be removed by a surgeon. Had dinner with two friends and one friend brought her two kids. Had a great time when the kids entertained us with walking to the kitchen to order herself, took pictures of the neighbour table and had funny comments.

Day eight
Boyfriend exercised. Sunny. Tried the pants again and realized that they did not fit and will not ever do so. Went to the ocean and fished for crab- got one tiny one. Went for dinner with sister and another sister cooked the food- delicious!

Day nine
Packed the rest, sadly forgot the dill chips, said bye to the family and drove to the ferry. Met my mother on the way and she said goodbye and hugged the both of us. I cried when we left the harbor of my city. Had terrible pain when flying again. Strange to leave, but also strange to come home.



  1. Tack för en trevlig middag =)))

    Hoppas att vi ses snart igen


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