Posted by: b1ueeyes | August 20, 2009

Earpain when flying?

Ok, I went back to Holland again and I can not say that I love to fly so much.. I mean, I love it, but not the pain I get in my ears when flying. The first time I flew I only got a lid on the ears when going down, but that went away after a little while. The second time I had a cold and it was very painful.
Then it have just continued. Worse and worse. It feels like the ears are cut open with an ax and the pain comes in waves. It feels like it is water in the ears and it makes small sounds. If I yawn the pain can come as a terrible surprise. I cry of the pain and do not know what to do with myself..

I have gotten help from the stewardess with cups with warm moist tissues to hold to the ears(looks really silly), shew something, nose drops and now the last time I had something called “earplanes” which is supposed to even the pressure. The first time I used them it worked on one ear. The other ear was still terrible. On the second try with these both were painful. I flew yesterday afternoon and could not hear on one ear until I woke up today and I still can feel a bit of pain now and then in both ears.

I do not know if I can continue this.

Does anyone know how to avoid this kind of pain? Please help!


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