Posted by: b1ueeyes | September 11, 2009

The doctors appointments are coming close now..

I have been a lot to the doctor lately, no huge issues, just that they can not help me so I have to get a new appointment to another doctor another time, over again. I still have pain in my ears and I get reminded still, every day, several times per day. As long as it is not that terrible pain I can live with this- for a while. I hope that they wil be able to find out/ decide how they can help me with this issue.

I got a new sofa recently, me so proud. A friend borrowed her car so I could get it home, I was nervous to drive as it was a new car, a friends car and I have not driven since I was in Sweden.

And Sweden.. I miss you all!! Family, friends, kids, cat, food, ocean..

I have been thinking about what I want with this blog. I am a follower of other blogs and they all have a theme. Can not think of any for me- that will suit- for a longer time at least. I do nto wanna show any photos of myself of friends, no videos- so it all have to be neutral. I will probably continue to use it how I started, like a diary, with thisng that happens to me, what I think about- and write after my mood.


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