Posted by: b1ueeyes | September 13, 2009

One sofa potato coming up!

Kidding, not going to happen now anyway. My favorite thing when I am not working is to be at home. Watch TV, movies, eat, play games, listen to music, surf, chat and just be a potato.

It is relaxing. Only me or me and my hubby. Right now I just want to be left alone and daydream of the things I could do. I have recently read this book about cleaning out mess. Mess in the mind, and mess in the home. It was a great book and many things that I could recognize myself in. For example, set a time frame when something have to be done. Great thing! Or, not to postpone things to do. Well, why stress?

My life have changed A LOT the last years. The security I had, or not had in a way is no longer there in the same way. Before I took a lot of risks- working a lot of possible, partied a lot, slept little, met friends more often- more spontaneous. I could stay up a whole night to cut the hair short or color it black, dated the wrong guys.. Had a lot more energy- or really did not think of the consequences.

Since I moved to Amsterdam my life is way more relaxed. I work and then go home. No adventures, no wild life.. I just feel relaxed. I enjoy it! See a movie, hug with my love, fight over laundry, kiss and then go to sleep to repeat the next day. I like my life like this. But. Also. I had fun before too. Maybe. Again? Why can I not have both? Well, the dating part have to go as I have my man now, but still, can have more fun- live a little.

Until I retrieve this needed energy I will just continue- to do what I feel like- at this moment.

Maria Mena- All this time
Chris Brown- With You
Thomas Di Leva- Miraklet
Black Eyed Peas- I gotta feeling


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